Ensure raw materials security and better living conditions for cane growers and develop sugar, renewable energy and by-product businesses for sustainable growth and harmonized living between communities, society and nation with responsibility for all stakeholders.


Excellence in management and quality control of sugarcane production, sugar product and all-by product with standard and maximum efficiency.

Encourage the sugarcane farmer in the area around the factory to have high productivity and good quality with the principle, care and responsibility for sugarcane farmers.

Develop the administration and management system continuously for the stability of the product and the profits of the sugarcane farmer and the businesses of Buriram Sugar Group

Enhance innovation and research to increase organization and cane growers’ efficiency and competitiveness.

Encourage and support staffs and cane growers to learn new knowledge for sustainable growth.

Focus on the industry and development of by-product businesses both renewable energy and the other area including increase the value of product for the growth of business sustainable.

Conduct business on the basis of good governance, fairness, transparency and ethics with responsibility for stakeholders, communities, society and environment, as well as, all forms of corruption prevention and resistance.


Sugar Made in the Field

is the philosophy that use in Buriram Sugar Group for more than decade which demonstrate a commitment to conducting business with sustainable growth. Buriram Sugar Group believes that the production of sugar in the best quality and highest quantity at lower cost will bring good turnover for the Group and also stability and prosperity for the sugarcane farmer by support and encourage the sugarcane farmer and staff with the knowledge and care starting from the process of cultivation, maintenance and harvest including the use of modern technology and innovation to manage the sugarcane. In addition, the Group will take care of the sugarcane farmer, surrounding community and environment as well as all stakeholders.

Core Value

“TEAM” is the common values of people in the organization that focuses on the success of the team work.


Communicate with all parties both inside and outside the organization.


Create the professional by learning and development continuously.


Share the responsibility of team with honest.


The consciousness of success.